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While the risks for high-net-worth individuals are infinitely complex, the aspirations are remarkably simple: maximized protection for who and what you love, and minimizing the disruptions and losses if incidents happen.

This has led us to create a unique collection of Risk Management Services. A curated network of experts, armed with technology and resources, to serve the many unique needs of customers. Below is an overview of these centers of excellence. 

Home resiliency

Water Damage Prevention - Did you know the water damage is the most frequent property claim for high-net-worth households? We do. And because 92% of these incidents could have been prevented, we have built a proactive practice that includes world-class technology to identify risk and safeguard your home.

Smart Build - What is the best way to protect a home? Be involved before it is even built. Our exclusive Smart Build service transforms decades of claims analysis into practical resiliency recommendations. We collaborate directly with architects and builders to ensure best practices are included from the start.

Loss prevention services

Yacht Loss Prevention - Our team has a deep understanding of the varied risks for yacht owners and offers services from ​​storm planning assistance and lightning protection system recommendations to hurricane preparedness.

Collection Protection - We appreciate the dedication and heart that goes into building a unique collection of art, wine, jewelry, collector cars, and more. Which is why we’ve collected some of the foremost experts in various fields.  

Safety and Security

Personal & Cyber - We engage foremost security experts including former law enforcement professionals as well as technology specialists to ensure the safety of customers, their property and their personal information. 


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