Claims Support

The following are a few real-life stories of policies, services and expertise in action:

Replacement of Rare Sports Car

An AIG auto policyholder lent his rare $465,000 Mercedes SLR McLaren to his business partner who had an accident resulting in an estimated repair of $250,000 requiring six months to fix. As an alternative to these unreasonable options, AIG located and purchased the exact model of the car down to the same color, features and options to replace the damaged one. The policyholder simply signed the documents and drove his car off the lot

Enzo Sent Back to Ferrari for Special Repairs

A collision nearly totaled an AIG auto policyholder’s Ferrari Enzo, one of only 400 that were ever made. The extensive damage to the car would require lengthy and complicated repairs. AIG offered to reimburse the policyholder for the full value of the vehicle, but due to its rarity, he preferred that AIG try to repair it. The car’s design intricacies made it impossible to find a qualified technician and replacement parts nearby, so AIG shipped the car to the only technicians equipped to complete the repairs: the original builders—at the Ferrari manufacturer in Italy. AIG even flew the policyholder to Italy twice to inspect the car’s progress. Once all repairs were completed, the vehicle was shipped back to the policyholder's residence, good as new.

Shattered Windshield

An AIG auto policyholder was en route to the airport for vacation when a sheet of ice fell off a truck and shattered his windshield. With a flight to catch, he couldn’t afford to wait around—and he didn’t have to. AIG assured him that AIG would take care of everything for him while he was traveling. All the glass repair shops in the area were closed due to inclement weather, but the AIG claims specialist located a company to tow the car back to the policyholder’s home and arranged for a local vendor to make the repair. Meanwhile, AIG kept the policyholder up-to-date on the progress of the repair and let him know that all was well when it was completed. His car was fully repaired and waiting for him in his driveway when he returned from his trip.

Airlifted Vehicle

While driving his SUV, an AIG policyholder was involved in an accident that left his vehicle at the bottom of a canyon in a restricted area, making it impossible for a tow truck to reach. Because the area was restricted, the policyholder was required to remove the SUV or face significant fines. He also needed to retrieve time-sensitive materials and personal items from the vehicle. The solution: AIG brought in a helicopter to sling-lift the SUV from the canyon. The materials were then promptly recovered from the vehicle and returned to the policyholder.

Owner Reimbursed for Luxury Vehicle

Driving on a wet road, an AIG policyholder lost control of a luxury vehicle and severely damaged the car’s undercarriage. The damage could be repaired, but it would require more than 200 hours of work to restore the car to its previous condition. Strictly speaking, the car was not “totaled,” but the time it would take to repair it was unreasonable. The policyholder was reluctant to endure the lengthy repair process, preferring to be paid cash value of the vehicle so he could move on. AIG was happy to oblige.