Claims Support

It happens in a split second. Whether on your property, at the barn, or in the show ring, accidents can lead to injury or property damage.

Below are some real-life claim examples that demonstrate the importance of proper equine insurance protection.

Injured House Guest

A couple’s nephew brought his girlfriend to their home for a weekend visit. The aunt and uncle extended the guests an invitation to ride their horses. While riding on the property, the girlfriend fell from the horse and suffered a broken arm and wrist. She sued the owners seeking monetary damages for the injuries sustained.

Car Collision

While driving to work, a motorist collided with loose horses in the road causing his vehicle to roll into the ditch. He sustained physical injuries and damage to his vehicle and subsequently sued the horses’ owners for medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage.

Horse Bite

A roadside worker picking up trash along a fence line was approached by a horse that was roaming the pasture. The horse reached over the fence and bit the worker causing significant contusions and injury. The worker sued the horse owners seeking monetary damages for the injury sustained.