Tack & Equipment

A passionate equine owner’s investment in riding and showing horses can be significant.

We understand that equipment for horses, riders, and personal farms can be a significant investment and not all homeowners insurance policies provide the necessary protection. AIG's specialized coverage fills the gaps.*

Broader offerings for equine owners

AIG's specialized equipment coverage broadens the homeowners policy to provide special coverage limits and deductibles for equipment specific to horse or farm ownership. From the custom tack to outfit horses to the farm equipment used to service and maintain private farms, AIG provides equine owners with the added protection required for items such as:

  • Tack: saddles, bridles, and harnesses
  • Equine equipment: hot walkers and treadmills
  • Horse carriages, carts, and buggies
  • Farm equipment: tractors, spreaders, and gators

Coverage details

  • Coverage amounts can be selected based on your unique equine ownership or personal farm needs
  • A flat deductible of $500 applies in lieu of the standard homeowners policy deductible
  • In the event of a covered loss to a barn or stable, the following coverage extensions apply:
    • $50,000 for boarding expenses as part of the additional living expense coverage
    • $5,000 for veterinarian expenses in the event of injury, euthanizing, or burial expense

On the road: personal property for horse and rider

When showing away from home, both horses and riders travel with a significant amount of expensive equipment such as saddles, bridles, helmets, tack trunks, and more. While you may do your best to keep these items safe, accidents happen and things go missing. It is extremely important to confirm that your property is protected under your personal insurance program.  

Some things to consider:

  • Does your homeowner policy provide coverage for your tack and equipment?
  • Are there policy deductibles or exclusions, or other limitations that would restrict coverage?
  • Does coverage extend to your property when it’s away from home for long periods of time – for example, during your stay at Ocala, Wellington, or Thermal?

*Available in select states.