Equine Solutions

Risks related to horse ownership cannot be adequately addressed on one policy alone. At AIG, various products provide coverage features with your needs in mind.

Personal Liability

Equine liability offers customers worldwide coverage for bodily injury and property damage caused by owned or leased horses. This coverage endorsement protects you no matter where you are riding, showing or transporting your horses.


For those who keep horses on their property, AIG's homeowners policy provides broad coverage for private barns, fencing, outbuildings and equipment.


You can preserve and protect virtually anything—from custom tack and equipment to sporting art or trophies of your majestic animals using AIG's private collections insurance.

Equine Transport

Should your vehicle or horse trailer break down during the transport of your horses, AIG's coverage provides access to roadside assistance and towing services for covered vehicles and trailers. Horse owners know that horse trailer insurance is vital to the comfort and safety of their horses and themselves. With AIG's equine transport insurance, you can rest assured knowing that you and your horses will safely get to your next show, back home or anywhere your travels take you.

Tack & Equipment

From the custom tack to outfit horses, to the farm equipment used to service and maintain private farms, AIG's tack and equipment coverage provides added protection (available in select states).