Claims Support

If you have a claim, we provide swift personal attention and real solutions.

Although we handle complex losses everyday, each one comes with its own set of circumstances. Tailoring service to suit your specific needs is simply business as usual. Here are a few examples:

S.O.S? Help is Just a Call Away

A fire started onboard a policyholder’s yacht. The local fire and rescue team cut a hole in the side and filled it with water until it sank. Although this action was necessary, the policyholder was told that due to potential fuel leaks he would be fined $30,000 a day until the yacht was raised from the water. AIG retained an attorney who specialized in local environmental protection and a team to secure the area around the yacht. Divers performed an underwater survey and determined that the fuel tanks were still intact. Based on these findings, the Coast Guard approved a salvage plan that was executed within 48 hours. The hefty fines were waived, and the policyholder was reimbursed for the full hull value within 14 days of the incident.

Quick Action Leads to a Quick Recovery

A policyholder’s yacht, valued at over $2 million, had been stolen from its berth in a marina in Florida. AIG's claims team was notified within hours of the incident, and staff immediately reached out to his contacts in South Florida and the Bahamas. Lookouts were posted along the inter-costal waterway bridges and alerts were sent to fueling stations and marinas. Legal counsel was also retained to facilitate the possible need for warrants, investigative actions and to assist in coordinating efforts to secure the vessel.

Within a few hours, a sighting was made at a fueling station in the Bahamas. AIG then hired a pilot to search for the yacht in the vicinity around the fueling station. The pilot quickly spotted the vessel and reported its position. With help from customs officials, AIG also learned the first name of one of the false crew members. Aware of AIG's efforts and concerned about their freedom and safety, the false crew quickly agreed to cooperate. AIG made arrangements for the crew to take the yacht—while under surveillance from air and shore—to a secure private island in the Bahamas where a representative for the policyholder could take possession.

The following day, AIG flew the true captain to the yacht to ensure a safe return to Florida. The false captain and crew—hired by an unknown kingpin to deliver the boat to the Dominican Republic for sale using a fake title—were turned over to the authorities.

Upon arrival in Florida, AIG had the boat surveyed and cleaned. Fortunately, the yacht did not suffer any damage and the policyholder and his captain were quickly reimbursed for all costs associated with recovering the vessel.

Bracelet Falls into Marina

While lounging on her boat at the marina, a policyholder felt her diamond bracelet—a gift to commemorate the birth of her child—slip off her wrist and fall into the water. AIG recognized the item's sentimental value. Rather than simply paying the claim, AIG hired a professional diver. He successfully recovered the bracelet and returned it to our relieved policyholder.

AIG strives to exceed expectations and are proud of the fact that policyholders responding to AIG's claims satisfaction surveys overwhelmingly rate AIG's service as “exceptional.”

All references to claim settlement information are based on the loss being covered by the policy and are subject to change without prior notice.