Yacht Training and Loss Prevention

Helping you keep your yacht, passengers, and crew out of harm’s way is a critical priority for us. Proactive safety and security measures can go a long way in minimizing injury and costly damage.

To help you take action, we are pleased to offer a range of yacht loss prevention services.

Crew Background Checks

We offer policyholders access to background checks, conducted by third party investigative services vendors, on crew members who have access to your vessel, family and valuables.1

Hurricane Preparedness Reviews

Our loss prevention specialists can review your hurricane preparedness plan, and provide contacts for service providers in your area.

Safe Harbor, Dry Dock, and Repair Consultations

We can help connect you to best-in-class facilities if you are cruising, out of port or faced with an impending storm.

Yacht Safety Awareness Material

From post-accident guidance to towing tips, our range of safety and security materials will help your family and crew stay well informed.

Additional Services for Large Yachts

For those with large yachts and complex risk management needs, the following services are available.2

Thermography Evaluation

Thermography can help detect leaks and abnormal conditions with electrical and mechanical equipment. We can compile thermographic images of electrical equipment and machinery after a fit/refurbishment and/or for future comparison.

Crew First Aid, CPR, and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Training

We work with U.S. Coast Guard-certified first aid, CPR and AED trainers to provide onboard or onshore training for the entire crew.3

Safety and Security Equipment Review

Following an onboard inspection of your yacht’s safety and security equipment, we provide a report that documents what is currently in place and can make suggestions to help you make safety and security improvements.

Onboard Art Collection Management

Working together, our yacht loss prevention and art collection management teams can evaluate the security and preservation of the fine art you have displayed on your yacht.

Overseas Security Consulting

We can help you access security advisors to help you safeguard your yachts when traveling in international and/or high-risk areas. In addition, security analysis reports for specific areas and ports of call can be requested.

Boat Lift, Dockage and Security Reviews

For policyholders located in South Florida, we will conduct scheduled reviews of on-premise boat lifts and dockage as part of our home inspections.

1 Eligibility for background checks is determined based upon total account size. However, all policyholders are eligible for discounted pricing on preliminary background checks.

2 Available for policyholders with $250,000 or more in total AIG Private Client Group account premium or yacht accounts with premiums over $50,000.

3 Currently available in Newport, Rhode Island; West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This service is provided on a one-time basis or once every three years.