Insurance for Yachts

Our yacht team is extremely well versed in providing sound yacht solutions to meet your lifestyle.

In addition to insuring you against obvious risks such as sinking, fire, and theft, AIG's superior yacht insurance provides a number of other critical coverages, including personal liability for bodily injury or property damage, coverage for newly purchased yachts/boats, personal property such as tenders and art, as well as coverage for your crew and for towing.

AIG's yacht insurance also protects you against environmental fines that can occur after accidental fuel spills or other unfortunate marine environmental damage, which may be excluded or limited by some insurance providers. 

Following are just a few of the many advantages of AIG's yacht insurance coverages:

"All Risk" Coverage

AIG's yacht policy provides protection against property damage or loss regardless of cause (specific exclusions may apply in some instances). Typical examples of damage or loss of property that a yacht/boat owner may incur that would be covered by AIG’s yacht insurance solutions include: (1) theft and vandalism, (2) weather-related damage or loss that occurs on the water from lightning, rain, hail, wind, and wave, and (3) damage or loss to property that occurs because of fire. Also covered is damage and loss to property resulting from collisions with other water vessels, floating or submerged objects, and docks. AIG's yacht insurance coverage doesn’t end with the water. You’re protected on dry land also—for example, if loss or damage occurs while the boat is dry-docked or being transported by trailer.

Worldwide Navigational Capabilities

AIG has the capacity to insure pre-defined or worldwide navigational limits based on your specific cruising plans.

Newly Acquired Vessels

Newly purchased tenders and yachts/boats are automatically covered for up to 30 days after the date of purchase.

Marine Environmental Damage Protection

AIG reimburses expenses related to pollution and/or marine environmental damage caused by a covered occurrence, up to the P&I coverage limit on your policy.

High Limits

Coverage can be tailored for all types of watercraft, from small boats to super yachts.

Protection and Indemnity (P&I)

AIG will pay damages that you or any other insured person are legally liable to pay related to bodily injury or property damage (up to the P&I limit on your policy). In addition, defense costs are covered above and beyond your P&I limit.

Crew Coverage

Your crew, as a Named Insured on the policy, is covered, including P&I coverage for crew claims under the Federal Jones Act or similar laws of other nations.

Property Coverage

AIG's comprehensive coverage not only protects your yacht/boat in the event of a loss, but also covers items such as tenders, fine art, personal property, and furnishings at separate, lower deductibles.

Please note: While the term “yacht” typically generates the thought of a large, luxury boat, AIG insures boats of all sizes from a 23’ water-ski boat to yachts over 600’. AIG has an appetite for both monoline yachts and yachts that are part of full accounts.