The Benefits of Ember-resistant Vents

AIG supports the use of ember-resistant vents, which are specifically designed to prevent windblown embers and flames from entering a home during a wildfire. They are installed over home ventilation openings and are deemed more effective than wire mesh.

Vent varieties

Any ember-resistant vent that is approved by the California State Fire Marshal is recognized. Several manufacturers produce this type of vent, including Brandguard Vents, Embers Out and Vulcan Technologies. All meet the building code standard for ventilation and are superior in protecting the home. 

Some vents are visible and can be seen easily. Others are very low profile and camouflage into the roofing style. Here are a few examples based on publicly available information: 

Foundation Vent

Gable End Vent

Fire Plug

Dormer Vent

Tile Vent

Slate Vent

Ridge Vent

Available independent third party brands to consider

Brandguard Vents

The Brandguard Vents product line was invented by Brent Berkompas, a southern California firefighter. This brand features an overlapping baffle design. Other vents typically use chemical reactions or moving parts to shield against ember or flame intrusion. Please also note the following:

  • Policyholders can access discounted pricing on the material cost of the vents.
  • Brandguard can refer contractors and/or review installation quotes.
  • Ember-resistant vents can be retrofitted onto existing vents. 
  • Vents also can be customized in any size, shape, color or material. In cases where ornate vents are already in place, the Brandguard vent can be installed behind them in lieu of replacement.    
  • Vents also provide protection from driving rain, up to 140 mph.
  • They are the only vents that have been tested to provide protection from flames, embers, and radiant heat in both horizontal and vertical placements. Other vents are only approved for one-way placement. 
  • They are made of weather-tested material for longevity.
  • They are easy to clean, easy to maintain and lessen the chances of pest intrusion.

For more information, contact Brandguard Vents at 949-305-8059 or visit www.brandguardvents.com.

Vulcan Technologies

Vulcan vents are made from high-grade aluminum honeycomb core with a proprietary intumescent coating. When the vent is exposed to high heat during a wildfire, the vent is designed to swell, closing off all the honeycomb openings and preventing ember intrusion.

  • They can be installed on new construction and retrofitted with existing builds.
  • They’re available in dormer, eave, foundation, soffit, retrofit, continuous and custom applications.

For more information, contact Vulcan Technologies at 916-652-7424 or info@newcalmetals.com.

Embers Out

Embers Out vents contain a micro filter design made of either galvanized steel or aluminum. 

  • They are designed to prevent ember intrusion and stop dust, debris, rain, snow, wind, insects and other pests from entering the home. 
  • All products contain high-temperature filters and are made with corrosion-resistant material.

For more information, contact Embers Out at 714-363-3459 or visit www.embersout.com

Please contact your independent insurance advisor for more wildfire readiness recommendations or visit www.privateclientselect.com

Photos provided courtesy of Brandguard Vents.