Condo & Co-op

AIG offers custom-built homeowners insurance for premium condos and co-ops.

Condo and co-op ownership can make your insurance needs more unique, and AIG thrives on providing sound insurance solutions to meet your lifestyle.

All of your personal belongings, appliances, furniture, fixtures, and artwork within your apartment are your responsibility when it comes to unfortunate damage or loss.1 And let’s face it, accidents do happen, and you’ll want protection from a burst pipe, a small kitchen fire or a break-in.

Contents replacement

Damaged personal property can be repaired or replaced with new item(s), without deductions for depreciation.

Additions and alterations

Coverage for improvements within your unit, such as remodeled kitchens, flooring upgrades, custom window treatments, etc.

Loss assessment

Up to $100,000 is available for your share of a covered loss assessment. In addition, up to $10,000 is available for an assessment that results from a deductible in a homeowners/condo association’s policy.2 If you are a member of a homeowners or condominium association, you may be required to contribute to certain expenses after property damage occurs.

Building ordinance

We can pay for required upgrades to satisfy local building ordinances during the rebuilding process (accounts for mandated increases and rebuilding costs). You won’t be responsible for expenses tied to required changes that are directly linked to the property damage.

Additional living expense and fair rental value

We cover necessary increases in living expenses if your home is uninhabitable at claim time; includes loss of income if the home is rented to others. You can maintain a comparable standard of living if displaced from your home.

Our risk management resources and loss prevention expertise can help you avoid losses or reduce their severity when they can’t be prevented.

1 Subject to the bylaws of your association.
2 Please note the deductible must be the result of a loss that would be covered under our policy.